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high quality apple developer account:Kula denies saying govt 'killing Indians' with vaccines, claims video manipulated


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DAP vice-chairperson M Kulasegaran says a video of him speaking while wearing a mask is a manipulated one and edited to include an audio track of someone else who claimed the government was trying to kill Indians using vaccines.

"I deny that the video is real. Someone dubbed my voice. It is clearly not my voice.

"You can check all my videos on Tiktok," Kualsegaran told Malaysiakini.

The video in Tamil had gone viral on social media.

In it, the edited voice claimed that the Perikatan Nasional government was trying to wipe out Indians in Malaysia.

It claimed that Indians were being given a different Covid-19 vaccine than others and that in two years the Indian community would bungkus (die).

Kulasegaran, who is Ipoh Barat MP, said whoever edited the video had misused their talents.

"I am disappointed [...] our community has many issues. Do good for your community.

"If I lodge a police report, the police would surely catch you, and your family would struggle.

"You have a talent for mimicking voices, use that talent for good," he said.



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