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IT’S hard to believe that it’s been 16 years since Rumah Ku started in an old bungalow along Jalan Universiti and I was one of the early diners there.  I remember it for its good food, especially its Indian dishes, and cosy, homey ambience.  The restaurant is now known as Rumah Ku: The Spice Pantry, relocated to Jaya One, Petaling Jaya, in 2014. Our recent delivery lunch from Rumah Ku brought some pleasant surprises. My palate still tingles from the mutton Porial, meat that’s been slow-cooked in a blend of 13 spices till it’s dry. “It’s my mum’s ‘wonder powder’ as it takes away the gamey smell of mutton and all the gravy is absorbed into the meat,” said Rumah Ku’s owner, Sunita Mahesan. The knobs of boneless mutton were tender, and you could taste the spices in every fibre of the meat. It was also not oily and so delicious. Mutton Porial (RM22) is also known as Mutton Varuval in South India. We were intrigued by the Indonesian clay pot prawns (RM28) which had lemongrass, cili padi and Indian curry leaves in it. This curry also had a spicy boost from Rumah Ku’s own chilli blend, with its smooth, sweet creaminess coming from evaporated milk, not coconut.

The zingy chilli hotness sat well with us, and we loved the aromatic curry hugging the prawns. It tasted so good with rice. Why Indonesian clay pot prawns? “It’s so called because we developed the recipe with an Indonesian travelling chef,” said Sunita. Tuna cutlets (RM13, for five) hit the spot too, with the right balance of fish and potato, spices, onion and chilli.




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