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,PHOTO ESSAY | Yesterday, we celebrated the International Day of Forests. However, we are also aware that forests are becoming extinct due to development.Apart from greater permanent forest reserve complexes such as National Parks, we also have small permanent forest reserves flanked by civilisation and modernisation. These are the forests we visit for recreation, to breathe fresh air, to gain knowledge in addition to relieving stress from the hustle and bustle of the city. In Selangor, unlike Bukit Gasing or Bukit Kiara, the Shah Alam Community Forest (SACF) located in Section U10 is connected to the Bukit Cerakah Forest Reserve that was officially gazetted by the British in 1909. The 1,114 acres of forest became a famous recreational spot for residents in Klang and Shah Alam as this area is the only hill near the coast of Selangor. rrrrrrrrNow, the SACF is facing the issue of being placed as commercial development land and a cemetery and opposed by many environmental groups.A family rowing a boat cruising on the ‘mirror lake’ near the Alam Budiman housing area. Hikers resting as they pose or pictures against one of the largest trees.A Handsome Fungus beetle (Eumorphus Marginatus) inhabiting a giant mushroom. A misty morning at SACF. The forest also gives a breath of fresh air every morning to the surrounding residents.Part of SACF being developed. The forest is trapped by vast housing development between Setia Alam, Puncak Perdana and Alam Budiman.Dead trees falling into a lake, creates a different perspective for the SACF landscape. Local visitors paddleboarding at the mirror lake.Hikers passing by a small stream. Forests act as a water catchment area reducing the effects of floods, prevent soil erosion, regulate the water table and assure a high-quality water supply for people. Dusky Langur, or Spectacled Leaf Monkey, spotted on a tree in SACF. The forest is home to 100 species of birds and mammals including eight species of gibbons, such as the White-handed Gibbon, Tapir and other primates.A Long-tailed Macaque died on the road in Setia Alam as the primate crossing the roads to find food due to loss of habitat.


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