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us apple developer accounts for sale:Covid-19 (March 8): 1,529 cases, a new low for this year


COVID-19 | The Health Ministry has reported 1,529 fresh Covid-19 cases, a new low for this year.Daily infections peaked in late January with a record 5,729 cases on Jan 30.The new cases for today are at the lowest level since Dec 27 last year.Of the 1,529 new infections today, 1,180 are Malaysians while another 349 are non-citizens.The number of active cases finally dipped under 20,000, helped by high recoveries of 2,076 cases today. It's down from a peak of 51,783 on Feb 11.Active cases are a measure of the strain Covid-19 hospitals are facing. The country has enough beds for 34,126 Covid-19 patients in public hospitals and quarantine centres.Active cases: 19,778Patients in ICUs: 160Intubated: 79rrrrrrrrDeathsEight new fatalities were reported today, bringing the death toll to 1,177.The deaths today were from Johor (2), Penang (2), Sabah (2), Sarawak (1) and Kuala Lumpur (1).They were aged between 61 and 89. All but one suffered from co-morbidities.Details of the victims can be found on Kini News Lab's Covid-19 tracker website.rrrr New cases by states Selangor (726)Sarawak (252)Johor (120)Negeri Sembilan (89)Penang (76)Sabah (71)Kuala Lumpur (71)Perak (49)Kelantan (28)Perlis (17)Terengganu (13)Kedah (9)Malacca (4)Pahang (3)Putrajaya (1)Labuan (0)rrrr ClustersTo date, 467 out of 1,203 Covid-19 clusters are still active, of which 62 clusters contributed to the new infections today.This includes nine clusters being declared resolved and the emergence of four new clusters today.The clusters declared over today are: Jalan Perindustrian, Selasih Perindu, Keladi Saga, Sri Sengkang, Jalan Permata, Jalan Cyber Lima, Tinanom, Jalan Waja and Persiaran Hulu. Details of the four new clusters will be updated shortly.rrrr [More to follow]

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