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apple developer:UEM Edgenta to save RM100mil in shift towards healthcare tech solutions


Syahrunizam Samsudin KUALA LUMPUR: UEM Edgenta Bhd has developed a vision, 'Edgenta of the Future 2025’ (EOTF2025), to transform itself into a technology enabled solutions company with the main focus on healthcare industry. Managing director and chief executive officer Syahrunizam Samsudin said EOTF2025 is predicated on operating efficiency and cost efficiency, and is expected to save over RM100 million for the company in the next five years. "To make UEM Edgenta leaner and more agile and support the future business environment, we will create predicative and preventive measures through technology automation mechanisation, optimising procurement, and streamlining business structure. "We will also enhance our product and technology proposition through the use of a cloud-based system that we are currently building, and software as a service platform to encourage new customers to be with us," he said in a virtual media briefing today. Syahrunizam said that EOTF2025 would also focus on broadening its footprint in new growth markets including Saudi Arabia, besides expanding its presence in existing markets, namely Singapore, Taiwan, Dubai, India, Indonesia, and Malaysia. "We have just completed our market study and have identified two potential partners (in Saudi Arabia) that we can work with focusing on healthcare support services. "Similar to what we do in Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan, we would like to export some of the technology and capabilities and wrap it around a partner that can utilise our technology platform to deliver hospital support services. "There is also a larger market in Saudi Arabia in terms of outsourcing of services in hospital management, and we feel it is the right market for us to evaluate and build future potential business there,” said Syahrunizam. Meanwhile, chief financial officer Hillary Chua Pei Sum said for the financial year ended Dec 31, 2020 (FY20), the company had a strong balance sheet with a total assets of RM2.9 billion and net cash position of RM206 million, due to healthy collection from its key customers in the fourth quarter including the Health Ministry. "With a gross gearing ratio of 0.32 times, this would mean that the company has plenty of room to use as a leverage for future business growth,” she said. On capital expenditure for FY21, Chua said the company was expected to go back to the 2019 level of around RM80 million, whereas the funding for its EOTF2025 vision would be derived from savings within the business itself when it starts to mechanise its operations. For the long term, Syahrunizam said UEM Edgenta would remain committed to its dividend policy and ensure the company provides steady dividend flow. "With this new EOTF2025, we are hopeful that this will create a more resilient, scalable, cost effective, and a better performing group in the future,” he added.UEM Edgenta is the region’s leading asset management and infrastructure solutions company. - Bernama

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