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Chief executive officer Ami Moris (pic) said the change in brand name to Maybank IBG marked a new chapter for the group.

PETALING JAYA: Maybank Kim Eng Group plans to align its brand name and the names of its entities to Maybank as the masterbrand, removing Kim Eng from its name and logo.

The group will now be known as Maybank Investment Banking Group (or Maybank IBG), and entities in its markets globally have also adopted new company names and logos.

However, in Malaysia, the group will continue to be known as Maybank Investment Bank, it said in a statement yesterday.

Chief executive officer Ami Moris said the change in brand name to Maybank IBG marked a new chapter for the group.

“This year is the 10th anniversary of the acquisition of Kim Eng, then the largest equities franchise in the region, followed by the formation of Maybank Kim Eng as a brand name. From a single market entity in our home, Malaysia, to becoming Asean’s leading homegrown investment bank, it is a testament of our commitment to deliver to clients. Our success is measured against that.

“We have been consistently ranked at the top of Asean league tables, and have been voted Asean’s best broker for eight consecutive years. In Malaysia, we have maintained our leadership by being recognised as the best investment bank six times over the last 10 years.

“From day one, we brought the whole of Maybank, including the expertise of Maybank Investment Bank in Malaysia, to serve clients’ advisory, funding and investing needs,” she said.

She added that the group was keen on taking the lead in championing the environmental, social and governance (ESG) agenda in the region.

“Aligning the brand closer to Maybank reflects how Maybank Kim Eng has evolved to what it is today and how we want to move forward more cohesively to realise our ESG-first ambitions as a group, humanising financial services for clients and communities.

“Cognisant of megatrends such as climate action across the world, we must adapt. The next 10 years for Maybank IBG will be about becoming the region’s leading sustainability-first investment bank aligned with the Maybank group’s ambition.

“As a stakeholder-oriented bank, we naturally want to take the lead in championing the ESG agenda in Asean. This means becoming the top of mind of clients for sustainable investing, sustainable financing and sustainability thought leadership.

“While remaining committed to ideation and building deep intelligence in Asean, we now have a sharper focus in supporting clients’ transition to sustainability-first businesses, and ensuring equitable prosperity in the communities we operate in,” she said.



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