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MY family and friends are very proud of our judiciary following the decision to uphold the corruption charges against former prime minister Najib Razak.

To claim these allegations are politically motivated is really a weak excuse for those desperate to achieve their own political aspirations.

I am sure everyone in Malaysia agrees that the person was indeed involved in some offence because all the excuses about where the money came from seem absurd.

We, the people of Malaysia, are not stupid but the people in the rural areas are also exposed to the truth and reality.

The rural population is no longer a “guaranteed vote bank” as in previous years and is more aware of what is going on, globally, economically and of course, politically.

Yet sadly to this day, there are still those with criminal cases hanging over their heads who are still in government.

It is a shame that these people, especially those with sexual allegations levied against them, can still hold senior portfolios in the government.

Also, what happens to transparency and accountability? Why are certain investigations swept under the rug? Are there selective prosecutions in our system?

For example, what about the case of Minister of International Trade and Industry Mohamed Azmin Ali? How is it possible that, despite all the video and evidence, nothing was done by the police and the attorney-general? Have you chosen to remain silent?

Why is prosecution so quick when it involves some parties and completely ignored when it involves some others?

Azmin is a senior minister and is touted as the next deputy prime minister. Yet are we Malaysians ready to have a deputy prime minister with so many sexual allegations against him?

We want to know the truth behind them and, if they are really fabricated, then action must be taken against those responsible for this.

However, if Azmin is really guilty, then of course he is not eligible to become deputy prime minister and appropriate action must be taken against him, just like Anwar Ibrahim.

We appeal to the judiciary and the government to be fair, transparent and accountable to their voters. – December 12, 2021.

* Siti Aishah Latiff reads The Malaysian Insight.

* This is the opinion of the writer or publication and does not necessarily represent the views of The Malaysian Insight.



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