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THE Regent of Pahang is recommending that the state government provide space, opportunities and support for youths so they can take part in the national and state development agenda.

Tengku Mahkota Tengku Hassanal Ibrahim Alam Shah Ibni Al-Sultan Abdullah (pic) said that according to a study by INTI International University & Colleges, Gen Z youths have an independent attitude and love to make their own decisions.

“Most of them wish to build their own careers and be entrepreneurs.

“Looking at the competitive job space nowadays, it is timely if the state government can improve on the steps that have been taken to create more youth entrepreneurs.

“Help them with training and other appropriate needs,” he said at the state-level National Youth Day celebration in Kuantan recently.

Tengku Hassanal added that he believed that many Pahang youths, especially graduates who were interested in becoming entrepreneurs, could not achieve their goals due to lack of knowledge and experience as well as insufficient capital.

He also said that the study found that Gen Z youths were “hyper- connected” as they like to use gadgets like smartphones, tablets or laptops.

“The study found that 80% of them spend an average of eight hours a day on the Internet.

“Thus, the state should explore this culture so that policies and programmes to be implemented are in line with the soul and instinct of the youth today,” said Tengku Hassanal.

He said the state with the cooperation of the private sector could create a conducive environment through capacity building, infrastructural facilities and marketing opportunities for youths.

“The state’s introduction of the Pahang Go app is a great effort.

“I hope there will be added value to this initiative so that it can become a platform for entrepreneurs, especially youths, to market their products and also obtain access to various state government services at their fingertips,” he said.

Tengku Hassanal also called on the state government to provide the appropriate allocation for programmes to enable youths to stay active.

“Here is where the government and youth-based associations play important roles in shaping the identity of our youths.

“As future leaders, it is important for youths to join associations.

“This doesn’t just cultivate the values of leadership and self- esteem but will also foster unity among youths in the state,” he said.

On another matter, Tengku Hassanal said he recently participated in the United Nations Climate Change Conference in his personal capacity and realised that if nothing is done to save the Earth now, there will be a high price to pay in the future.

“I am grateful the Pahang is blessed with a large forest area with a captivating environment.

“The forested areas form 57%, which is bigger than the non- forested areas.


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