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Farah Rosley

TAXATION should be a seamless process.

It should be aligned to the other parts of the operations and decision making of the business, having a built-in compliance process and creating tax certainty in most areas and significantly reducing burdens.

We are familiar with Corporate Governance but is Tax Governance a new concept?

Around the world, to revive and allow the economies to recover and to combat the Covid-19 pandemic, governments have spent billions of dollars.

Tax policies are being looked at further to look at ways to encourage investments and foster economic growth, including ways to increase revenue. In addition, tax authorities are increasingly focusing on tax audits and giving more attention on tax governance.

Having a good tax governance model will allow better transparency and build trust in the tax system and encourage people to willingly pay taxes.

This can lead to better and stronger operations, create transparency and encourage a better environment for compliance.

Tax governance for better performance

Focus on having tax governance is more prominent in recent years for both the tax authorities as well as businesses.

This is influenced by several factors such as the changing business models, the need to reduce cost of compliance (for both tax authorities as well as businesses), the need to build trust in relationships, technology capabilities as well as having a simplified and transparent tax system.

Businesses are faced with various issues and the need to continue to expand and their role in the community. Measures are being done to build businesses and having operational sustainability is important in the face pace and ever-changing environment.

Tax governance built into the business processes will allow better performance and mitigate tax risks by the business as well as the ability of the business to optimise their tax position.

Lowering cost of tax compliance

The vision for the country is that everyone wants to comply with the tax requirements. It is, therefore, imperative that there is trust in the tax system that encourages higher tax compliance.

With greater trust, we can expect greater compliance. Having good tax governance means that the business is ready to ensure its policies and processes are meeting tax rules and regulations and, therefore, lessen any future disputes with the tax authorities or having errors and mistakes in their tax process.

This will mean the process in place through the tax governance by the company will create a systematic process and resulting in lesser time and burden for the corporate sector in meeting tax obligations, which then lead to lowering cost for both taxpayers as well as tax authorities.

Relations between tax authorities and taxpayers

Data collection and having the right information is vital and it is important to ensure the information gathering process is as easy and efficient as possible.


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